Ways to launch a new blog site

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Here are some simple guidelines that will help in making your blog sucessful when you launch.

1. Prepare good content
Having good contents beats anything else really, if you dont have good content, no one will bother to spend their time of day reading poor quality content. Good content = people getting attracted = reoccuring visitors.

2. Use twitter
If you havent heard of twitter by now, you must be living in the stone age. A good way to help boost and launch your blog is to promote it on twitter. As people are already following you, they may be interested in what your site will be about. So don’t forget to promote and run a campaign on twitter.

3. Use social media websites
Promote your blog by advertising or promoting them on websites like digg.com or stumbleupon.com or regedit or technorati.com. These websites can promote a huge amount of traffic in no time and depending on your quality of content, you can gain repeating visitors in no time.

4. Guest post on other blogs
Guest posting on other blogs can help you gain a lot of exposure while also allowing you to gain a little side money. Have a go, and write an article or two for a high profile blog and ask them to publish it in the first week of your blog launch. This will give you a chance to promote and maybe introduce your new blog into the blog world.

5. Hold contests or give away prizes.
A good way to get people excited about your new blog is to give away prizes or hold contests for your user base. Everyone likes free stuff, so don’t be suprised when people come flocking to your website to see what you have an offer. This can help you build a good user base and hopefully keep repeating vistors to your blog.

Thats my 5 tips, hope you enjoyed it and good luck to getting visitors to your blog!


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