Ways to download games for your iPhone!

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If you havent heard, the latest craze is the iPhone and getting games onto them is something more and more people are wanting to do everday. There are also many games on the iPhone for downloads than a lot of people realise, so whats the safest and easiest way to download them?

First off, we need to talk real quick about what to look for in iphone download sites. We need to take into account the websites that offer very poor service and have very complex software, thats not what we’re looking for. We need sites that have easy guides to download, and that have good software. Here are some methods in locating some of these websites and iphone games:

Method 1: Googling websites to find iPhone games. We need to look for good quality websites that have minimal advertising, and promote good service. We need websites were there are no registration fees, or hidden costs and have restricted access & downloads. Mainly look for forums as that is a good way to interact with other iPhone users wanting to download games. A good example is: http://www.iphonegamenetwork.com/

Method 2: Pay Membership – These sites are usually very clean and kept polish to lure users into registering onto their website. However, most paid or “download per fee” websites also contain games that can be downloaded for free. So be wary and check other websites before you sign up.

Method 3: P2P / Torrent – Although illegal and very risky in terms of getting viruses and such, this can be another method in getting free iPhone games.

Method 4: Forums – This is probably one of the best ways to get free iphone games, as users of the forums wil usually tell and help each other out. A good example is: http://www.geek.com/forums/topic/how-to-download-free-iphone-games

Thanks for reading, hope you learned something before you decide to download free iphone games!


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