The Next Twilight Movie: The New Moon

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Twilight, the movie, was a huge success in North America.  Although it has been out for over 3 months on DVD, we have even more to look forward to.  Twilight was about a girl that was living with her father in a small town.  In this small town, she fell in love with a strange boy from school.  This boy was different than the others, as was his family, and it turns out this boy was from a vampire family.  Edward, the young vampire, fell in love with Bella, and she fell in love with him. The story was about their romance and fights and struggles to stay together through dire circumstances.

Twilight, New Moon, is the next in the series of movies.  This movie will take us further down the road of the love and romance between Edward and Bella and introduce some new challenges.  This movie is most likely going to follow in the success of the first movie, which of course was huge.  Edward is back, and so is Bella.  The two of them want to begin a  life together but a bad situation with Edward’s family leads Edward to a very tough decision.  Edward decides, for the safety of his love Bella, to leave town and tells her she will never see him again.  After Edward finally leaves her alone, she has a run in with an evil vampires, not from Edward’s family, and the story begins anew.

Don’t miss this part of the series as the romance and adventure continue on.


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