The Singular Life

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It’s late, so I’ll write a short piece about this topic of singleness.  To some people, it is the loneliest way to live; to others it is the best way to live, because of the freedom attached to such a life.  Some just refuse to live that way, literally.  They decide for themselves it’s not worth it and, well, an acquaintance of mine made such a decision and devastated a lot of people.  He no longer is living a single life; in fact he’s living no life at all anymore.

I didn’t choose to be single.  I believed in the “to death ’til you part” vows I took 35 years ago this August.  Evidently, he didn’t take those vows as seriously as I did, because he decided he was tired of being married, especially to me, and wanted someone new to replace me, but without the commitment.

As I wrote in my bio, my divorce was final in February of this year.  The last thirteen months has been one long bumpy ride.  The biggest bump of all took place May 7, 2008…in the early morning…at a favorite park of mine…near a rose garden…which I guess was never really promised to me in the end.  Remember that song that was popular back in the 60’s?  I haven’t been to that park since last summer.  I can’t even drive by it without feeling that prick of pain, because the spot where he told me everything is in sight when I drive past the park…a reminder of that shattered day.  Anyone who has been where I have been can easily relate to what I am talking about, right?


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