Racism in Australia

In the news I have seen horrifying images of a student from India struggling for his life. He was the victim of an attack in Australia where three Indian students were stabbed with screw drivers. If it were an isolated incident one would not be so concerned. There is crime in all countries. Yet this is the fifth case of attack on students of Indian origin in the last month.

Not exactly great for the image of any country to have but with Australia it is shocking. A country that is essential emerged from people of all origins being racist is not great news. There is something wrong with the picture here. Why are the Australian Universities wooing children and parents from India if they can not provide them a safe education site?

Are the locals finding it tough to compete with the Indians? Is there a shortage of jobs in the market and are Australians not getting jobs? Do they see Indian students as potential and threatening competition? Or do they just feel that Indian students are soft targets to be mobbed and robbed? Away from family support and unable to get immediate assistance?

We Indians are a melting pot of many different types of religions and have many unshared customs and traditions. You won’t say a south Indian family and a north Indian family look or act like the members of the same country. Yet they are. And they live in peace together. There is a very high level of tolerance in most Indians about the other person’s religious, political and economic views.

So it is incomprehensible why others are so close minded? Is it just economics at play in times of a bad financial crisis or is it a more deep rooted evil? Why can’t the Australians keep up the great image that they have in the international community? Why are they not training their children to be tolerant? How many more cases like this one will need to be reported for a change to come in?

Perhaps these are all rhetoric, but I did need to lodge my personal protest. I hope the boy recovers. I sympathize with his parents. And one thing is for sure, my son will not be seeking admissions in any Australian University. I could not deal with the anxiety of placing my son in danger intentionally.

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