So Your Thinking About Owning a Jack?

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I absolutely love my Jacks!

Buyer beware………for a lot of lovin’ attached to a ton of energy. I truly believe a dog’s traits reflects an owner’s personality. I personally am a hyper individual. My mind goes a million miles per hour. I talk fast (sometimes don’t think before I speak….oops!) I move fast, I need to be kept busy at work to keep up with my hyperness. I need to always be doing something, sometimes more than one thing at the same time, such as surf the net and watch a sitcom.

Give me something to do and somewhere to go and my dogs are right behind me! Action in reaction! We do have a fine line between all that hyperness and having nothing to do, sleep suddenly sets in. There really is no inbetween, something me and my Jacks need to learn……….to just relax and chill! Take time to smell the flowers!

Think of a Jack Russell as a Jack-in-the-box and quick as a JackRabbit. They need a lot of exercise and stimulation. They can be quite aggressive towards other animals or humans and must be watched carefully. My Jacks love to think that my cat is their toy, something challenging to chase, she does however put them in their place and I admire the fact that she does not show fear when they give her “the look!”

The JRT is one sturdy, tough, great looking dog that is beautifully proportionate. They will truly love and admire you forever! Shedding? sorry but…..yes.  This is when you can say love conquers all!


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