Fluffing Pillows Without Irritating Asthma and Allergies: A Quick, Easy Way To Get the Job Done

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Dust mite dander is the #1 allergen in North America. 10-25% of North Americans have a dust mite dander sensitivity and 50% of asthmatics will have a near immediate reaction to it upon exposure. For the day to day pillow fluff ups or for those times where you’d like to refresh and plump small cushions around your home without aggravating allergies or asthma, try this method.

Remove any pillow cases or cushion covers from the item(s) to be fluffed

If desired, lightly spray the item with an anti-allergen fabric refresher. Let the fabric refresher dry.

Put pillow or cushion into the dryer along with a dryer sheet (to eliminate static), and 3-6 new (or clean) tennis balls. Bear in mind that the tennis balls will be noisy (best not to use this method while small children are napping), but are completely safe to use in a standard dryer, so long as there are no long threads or loose elastic that may become caught in the machine.

Set your dryer to it’s lowest heat setting (or higher if you are confident that the material that’s been used to stuff the cushion can stand up to higher temperatures)

Turn on the dryer and let the tennis balls and cushion tumble for 10-30 minutes.

This process allows the innards of the pillow to be ‘beaten’ with the tennis balls from different angles in the dryer which aerates the item itself (making it nice and fluffy), as well as loosens any mites, dander or dust. Although this can be accomplished by hand, doing so in the confines of a dryer allows all of the microscopic material that may trigger allergies or an asthma attack to remain in the dryer drum, safely and securely, while getting a fresh, plump pillow.

After the dryer has stopped, allow the pillow/cushion to rest in the drum of the machine for at least 5 minutes to allow any airborne allergens to re-settle within it.

Remove your nice fresh, plump pillows … without any asthma or sneezing!


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