My Secret to Weight Loss …….. With Added Benefits!

Juice………that’s right, juice your inches away! It’s so simple and quick and beneficial!

I will give you my little secrets to make it “fit” into your lifestyle.

What you will need: a juicer and all kinds of vegetables. Now, don’t go out and buy too many veggies and let them rot in your fridge. Keep it simple. Buy what is on sale. Variety is great. I try to at least have the 3 C’s (cabbage, carrots and celery) and add whatever I have in the fridge at the time. As for the juicer, you do not need an expensive one. You can get one for $50 bucks and what is great about the cheap ones is that some, not a lot, of the fiber gets left in the juice. This is a good thing. Don’t worry, it is still easy to drink.

You know all those good things you hear about veggies! Sometimes it is so hard to fit them into your day or even your meal and all that chewing is time consuming! What I hate the most is trying to add it to my meal when I am already stuffed with the main course. Almost makes me hate eating them unless I am truly craving them and I am talking only about the raw ones!

Added benefits you ask! oh so many! Beautiful skin, better digestion, energy, healthy colon, the list goes on. Google “juicing” and what the different veggies can do you for. You don’t need to add fruit. Personally, fruit is easy to eat and simple to fit into my day. I can eat an apple at 10:00 am. break but not a chunk of cabbage.

Two very important things: 1) try to juice every day or every second day and 2) clean your juicer right after you use it. What I do is rinse it and let it air dry. If you don’t, you will find yourself giving up rather quickly on the whole idea! Nothing is worse getting excited to juice your way to weight loss only to come to a juicer with dried up pulp stuck in the blade.

Trust me, if you can stick to this, you will be amazed at what these enzyme-full fat-burning weight loss miracle veggies can do for you! Watch your physique and your mood take a turn for the better!

People will be asking you “You look great! What are you doing?” Will YOU divulge the secret!

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