Sesame Place – Bucks County Pennsylvania

Sesame Place is located just over the New Jersey State Line. It’s easy to get to with plenty of hotel choices in the surrounding towns. 

If your planning a weekend getaway, this can be a fun a no – stress way to do so.  I would encourage you to purchase your tickets in advance. Perhaps on line or via a AAA office location near you. This way you will have plenty of money to spend on your vacation.

Helpful Hints:

1) Sesame Place is located near a indoor mall.  Dine at the food have plenty of choices and you will save money for sesame’s gift shop.

2) Rent a locker  to place your valuables..because you will get wet on the rides. It’s easy and convenient to use the locker rather than tow all of the extra clothing, sun screen or diaper bag.  

3) Parade – The parade is absolutely wonderful and festive. Great opportunity to see all of the characters. The Parade is short. I would recommend viewing the parade just pass the Lazy Man river ride.

4) Food can be expensive but it’s a getaway! So have fun!

5) The park is located near plenty of shopping & resturants.

6) I reccommend the Holiday Inn – Kid Eat and Stay for free!

7) Public Transportation acessible. Visit Sesame websie for more information.

8) Park closes early no need to convince you’re children that it’s time to leave.

9) VIP Parking is a little more expensive but it’s worth not dealing with the huge parking lot.

 Overall, family has selected this location as our family retreat. It’s a short distance from Hershey Penn ( aprox. 45 minute drive) or Sight & Sound Theater in Straussburg Penn.

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