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Still in love with your ex? Whether it is a husband, wife, girl friend, boy friend, any break up is heart breaking. Therefore, it depends on the type of relationship in order to know how to deal with a break up.

If there was a lot of drama attached to the break up then obviously, you is drained emotionally and for starters, you will need to rest and give yourself some quiet time to heal.

You must first take care of your own well-being after an emotional breakup especially if you are still in love with your ex.

Don’t dwell on the “what if’s because you will never know so if you made wrong decisions well you did the best with what you knew at the time. So do not beat yourself up over it. You will need to move on and get over the breakup as hard as that is, and focus on your own needs.

If you feel that you need some counseling get it, do not feel ashamed that you need some help. Any relationship that has a history attached to it and then a break up follows is difficult to deal with. Some people are numb and in shock for quite sometime. That is when you need some outside help.

Try to keep some distance from your ex if possible especially in the beginning. After some time has passed and when you are less vulnerable and emotional ,and you are able to deal with the breakup, be calm, and friendly, but do not prolong the encounter. If you both still have feelings for each other than calmly express them. If not, just a friendly hello and light conversation is all that is needed. Do not give them the power over you by expressing how you are not coping well with the break up.

Remember, you must come first- if you both are meant to be together the powers above will make it happen, if not move on because there is something better waiting for you even though you may not see it now. The Universe has a funny way of getting you moving in a forward direction.


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