Shaving with the Venus Spa Breeze razor

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The last time I went to buy shaving cream, and replacement heads for my Venus razor, I found something much better: The Venus Spa Breeze replacement cartridges with shave gel bars from Gillette. Or so I thought.

The Spa Breeze cartridges are touted as a two in one, three-blade razor head and shaving cream all wrapped up together. The shaving cream has a delicate white tea scent that is really quite nice.

The instructions are simple: Wet the razor then start shaving. The wet shave gel bars will provide the lubrication for shaving and moisturize at the same time.

I bought the Venus Spa Breeze replacement heads on a whim. I was looking for plain replacement heads for my Venus razor and I also needed to buy shaving cream. I happened across the Spa Breeze and thought it would be worth trying and could possibly be cheaper than buying replacements heads and shaving cream in a can.

I bought the Spa Breeze four-pack at a cost of less than eight dollars. This was actually slightly cheaper than if I had bought the four-pack of regular replacement heads and a can of shaving cream.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well the gel bars actually work. They adequately lubricate for a quick, smooth shave. The white tea scent is very pleasant and especially aromatic in a hot shower.

The biggest drawback I found was the closeness of the shave – or more accurately the needed frequency of shaving with the Spa Breeze.

With my old Venus replacement razor heads and a can of my favorite shaving cream, I can count on a close shave that will last for several days. I haven’t found this to be the case with the Spa Breeze. I have found that I am shaving more often, which actually negates the initial cost savings over regular razor heads and a can of shaving cream.

Each Spa Breeze replacement cartridge razor seems to be good for at least a couple of shaves, but if you forget and leave it in the shower where it will come into contact with water, the shave gel bars will turn into globs of shaving goo – which isn’t pretty.

I believe the Spa Breeze is a great idea for travel – no need to carry a can of shaving cream. It is convenient and quicker than using shave gel or shaving cream, but I think I prefer the plain, old replacement razor heads I used to buy.


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