Let he without sin, cast the first stone!

Just a night of realizing a few things that had previously escaped my mind. Some things can make you question the purpose of certain people in your life…

As I sit and think of these nuns and twittle these thumbs, These Preists…
why is the world not just black and white, or even pink?
I trouble myself, I have no one else but me…
 Is this truly tragic or some sordid magic that stinks

I wonder why do my friends consist of so much of my thoughts throughout the day
my demeanor is bold as I treat them so cold and demand that they stay away
My ego is strong, my pride is a beast but yet,
I say what I feel, then wonder if its real…I guess?

Manipulation and lies are used as forms of weaponary against me

Im supposed to believe what they want me to believe

as if I cannot see

My opinions are stated and never hesitated

now Im viewed as being mean

Oh how funny is the games we play

when others hit the scene

when I feel so betrayed as if I’ve been played I lash out
Don’t want to defend myself in the face of no one else, what’s that’s about?
I am who I am, and I truly love me; don’t you?

Should I dare to state the obvious and to myself be true…
If not, I am willed with armor and shield,
that’s all I know,

so what’s your next move

you’ve got a point to prove, are you friend or foe?
People swear they love you and they never judge
but I beg to differ
You have eyes and so do I
I refuse to quiver!

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