How to Control Anxiety

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Anxiety is when a person feels anxious or worry about a particular event in life. They can be anxious daily. They can also have an attack. They worry about what people think of them or how things can turn out.  Anxiety can be debilitating sometimes. Anxiety can accompany other mental illnesses like phobia and OCD. People with bipolar or ADD can have anxiety attack sometimes. Anxiety can be controlled but it takes time. Treatment for anxiety include behavior therapy,  cognitive therapy, and desensitization therapy.

Behavior therapy

This is when patients can take relaxation lessons and make a mental note of it whenever they have an anxiety attack.

Cognitive therapy

This is when a psychologist have a session with the patient and they will talk about what is realistic and what is not so patients can stop worrying about things that are not there.


This is when a fear factor is introduced slowly so the patient can develop a tolerance for it. A patient will be giving activities to do so that they can be expose to their fear factor. If a person is a social phobic, they will be ask to walk in public day by day and talk to people until they can tolerate it. This is a great exercise.


There’re medication that patients can take to control their anxiety. They will have to ask their doctor about it. St. John Wort is commonly use for anxiety. Medication helps to calm the anxious person down. Certain drinks can make a person more nervous like coffee. There’re certain people that can benefit from wine because it calms them down.


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