Health: daily habits that can make you sick

There’re daily habits that can make you sick. You can learn about them so you can be free from illnesses. One of the places that we need to worry about is the kitchen. The sink is the dirtiest place in the house because we cut out animal meat there and there could be bacteria from meat and blood.

Kitchen Sponge

The sponge contain bacteria and bacteria grows when it gets wet. You should not use the sponge if it’s too old. You should replace it once in awhile. You will get less sick this way. When using it, you should put it in bleach and water to get rid of germs so you don’t spread it around.

Kitchen Towel

It can contain too much germs if you don’t wash it. You should wash it so that germs do not accumulate. You can put it in bleach and water to get rid of germs. You should wash it once in awhile and throw it away when it’s old.

Bathroom Towel

It can collect germs if many people use it. You should wash it often and put it in bleach and water. This is true if there’re many people in the house. Each person should use their own towel.


Bacteria can grow in dirty clothing. You should wash it when you have time.

Mattress and Pillows

Mattress and pillows need to be wash so that you can get rid of dust and bacteria. You should do this every two weeks.


Vacuuming can collect dirt and bacteria. You should find a vacuum with a high air filter.

Barbecuing food

The fats that drips from the meat onto the fire can cause cancer. When the fats and fire create a smoke, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and hetero-cyclic are formed. You should wrap the meat to avoid fats from dripping.

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