How to spin at the gym

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Spinning is becoming very popular in gyms today. It’s a great way to get in shape, and now is the perfect time to start!

When I remember spinning as a child, this is what comes to mind:


Now, that I’m all grown up, I’m ready for the new version of spinning. Hopefully, it doesn’t include becoming dizzy in the process. I’m trying to find ideas of getting into shape, now that my 30th birthday is coming in a few months. I’ve heard some of the good old fashioned techniques, and some newer ones such as pole dancing and spinning. For now, I’ll leave the pole for the strippers (LOL, and no offense to those who choose otherwise).

What is spinning? Spinning is a fairly new workout program where people meet up to exercise on stationery bikes. Its done in the form of a class, where an instructor provides the layout of whats to be done. Spinning can be difficult because the instructors often push you to the limit in efforts to obtain optimal results.

I’m ready are you?

Preparing for spinning classes consist of many things:

  1. First make sure that you are hydrated. Spinning is hard work and it causes you to sweat!
  2. Second, be aware of your personal level of fitness going in. These classes can be difficult, so don’t over exert yourself. If you’re tired, you’re tired…take a break when you need to.
  3. Make sure you have on appropriate clothing. Wear cycling shorts and spinning shoes. The wrong materials will only slow you down.
  4. Make sure that your instructor is well trained and is open to jumping off his/her bike to help you out if need be.
  5. Have the instructor check your seat before you begin to make sure that your seat is properly positioned. Your upstroke knee should not bypass your hipbone and the down-stroke knee should should be about 85% straight.
  6. Get in the zone and pedal like there’s no tomorrow!

What’s the next step?:

Find a class near you!


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