Give Susan Boyle a Chance

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 I remember logging in to check my email one day, and seeing the small article on this woman who took Simon Cowell’s breath away;so naturally I had to view it for myself. I was caught by surprise, as the woman sang so gracefully, she had such a wonderful voice! It was then that it dawned on me, that my surprise was completely out of line because I had evidently judged a book by its cover.

Susan Boyle has been made the subject of ridicule by many who have underestimated her based on her appearance. Some say things on the Internet such as “she’s psychologically unstable, and Americans are giving her false hope”. I feel that statements of this sort are shameful and closed-mined because we all have our issues, and she shouldn’t be ostracized for hers. Even if Ms. Boyle does have psychological issues, does that mean that she’s not entitled to go after her dreams like everyone else? When we view the television and listen to the radio, Talent should be the focus! Susan Boyle definitely has that.

Another thing that I like about Susan Boyle is the fact that she displayed class and grace when she didn’t win. She came in second place to a dance group who won $160,000 over her, and she congratulated them and even said that they deserved it. That alone speaks miles for me. Many people (who are supposedly mentally stable) would not have handled that situation smoothly at all.

I think that people should stop focusing on the melt- down that she had at some hotel, and take note of her special talents… Only then will we truly give Susan Boyle a chance.


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