How to avoid fat when cooking

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Cooking can be fun and you can learn ways to reduce fat. You can make a big difference in your diet if you avoid using sugar, oil, or butter. These things are high in fat and it’ll be on your food. You can also avoid cheese, and dressing when cooking. You can boil, bake, grill, instead of frying. Frying will contain oil which can be fattening. It’s not good for your heart. You should switch to the non-frying method so you can save your heart.

Instead of using oil, and butter, you can use sauce water or other type of fluid to get the cooking going since food can produce oil themselves. If you cook meat, vegetables and most other stuff, they will secrete their own oil. The oil that they secrete is enough and you don’t need to use artificial oil. If you cook bacon, the bacon will release a lot of oil or fluid and that’s sufficient for cooking. You don’t need to add additional oil. If you’re going to use oil, you should use healthy, vegetables oil and you should use a little bit instead of a lot. Instead of using one spoon, you can use a quarter of a spoon to get things going.

When you’re cooking red meat or pork, you can cut the fat part out and toss it away. You can cut the chicken skin and throw it away. The fat part on meat is the yellow or white part. You can slice it off. You can also cut the skin on pork and throw it away. There’re some food that are made from pork skin. You should avoid it since it’s high in fat. You can also avoid mayonnaise and butter spread. Any type of dressing that have fat in it should be avoid.


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