Healthy food choices for dinner

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Dinner is when you need to eat light since you’ll be sleeping and you can’t burn off the calories. You should eat before 6pm if possible. If you’re going to eat after 6pm, you can eat a light dinner with light snacks and drink a cup of hot tea. This will help you lose weight over time. If you eat a large meal before you go to sleep, you can’t burn off the calories and it’ll be converted to fat.

Go light on dinner

You can eat before 6pm. If you snack after lunch and before dinner, you’ll eat less during dinner. You should eat small meals before dinner so you don’t get really hungry during dinner. You should go light at dinner. This will help you lose weight over time. You can also drink more than you need during the day so that you can feel full and you won’t have craving. I noticed that if I replaced drinking with eating I feel like I was full from food instead of water. People brain can send the wrong message. They might be thirsty instead of hungry but their brain is telling them to eat rather than to drink. You should drink more so that your brain doesn’t send hunger signals. Most of us don’t drink  enough most of the time, we should drink until we feel full so we can eat less.  Drinking is very healthy for your body. Your body is make up of mostly water anyway.

After you eat dinner you can walk around to have the food settle down. You can choose from healthy food like fruits and vegetables dishes. White meat and fish are also a better choice than red meat. You should avoid fat and butter. Any type of dressing will have fat and calories to it. Soup is a great choice for dinner. It’s light and you can burn it faster.


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