Why I’d Rather not work in a hospital

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I worked in a hospital for about four years. I’ve had years of heath care training and I was also training in the hospital during those years. I’ve been working in the hospital all of my life. I learned a lot of interesting things and saw a lot of drama. One thing that I couldn’t stand was how depressing it was. It was sad to see all the drama that was going on in the hospital. It was depressing to see dead people. I couldn’t stand the quietness of the hospital floor. I wouldn’t work in the hospital again even if I like to help other people. I couldn’t stand the smell of infections and open wound.

I really like the academic part of the medical training but when it gets down to taking care of patients I couldn’t do it any longer. I used to find it interesting but I couldn’t stand the silence and loneliness of the hospital. I didn’t want to see people suffering every single day. I wanted to see happy people and smell fresh, clean air. I think it’s unfortunate to be a patient and that’s why I’m working hard to save my health. I don’t want to end up in a hospital. I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars paying for hospital bills. It’s time consuming and it cost a lot of money. It could also interrupt your life. You could be in the middle of a college class and you could fail your class because you have to stay in the hospital for a month. You might be behind in work and test. I think people should try their best to stay out of the hospital.

The first thing that you see when you walk into a patient room are the tubes attached to their body. I get so depressed whenever I see a kid with so many tubes attached to their body. I wonder when they’ll be able to get away from those tubes. It gets more depressing when I see people that are unconscious and they don’t know if they’ll wake up someday. I can’t stand the sight of looking at a person lying there with so many tubes attached to them. It wasn’t a great sight. Every floor that you go to, you will see people with tubes attached to them. It’s depressing in the hospital. I guess I’m too young or too fun to work in the hospital. I like to help people and I might enjoy the excitement of the ER room but I couldn’t stand looking at the different beds in the hospital. It was a gloomy sight and I wish people would go to the hospital less and try to take care of their health.


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