Wikipedia banned the Church of Scientology from making edits

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Scientology is a controversial religion. It has received many negative criticisms over the year. One of the controversial beliefs of the Scientologists is to avoid using psychiatric medication. A few months earlier, the media was covering the death of Jett Travolta and Scientology. The Travolta family believes in Scientology. The church of Scientology tried hard to get search engines like Google to put all negatives articles on the back of the search result. They don’t want people to read about them.

Recently, members of the Scientology Church went on to Wikipedia and made a lot of edits to their Scientology articles. The edits focus on making Scientology articles more positive. Wikipedia presented the religion in a factual way and that could include many accounts of negative events against the church like lawsuits. One of the problem  with Scientology is that they don’t believe in using psychiatric medications. This could be a bad thing for those that need psychiatric medication. Psychiatric medication is very important and patients can suffer so much without it.

Wikipedia has banned all members of the Church of Scientology from going on to Wikipedia to edit the articles. Wikipedia wants to have their articles as factual as possible. I read the articles on Scientology and after reading it, I saw that there were many negative things about the religion. They had many lawsuits against them. This is why they church tried to edits the articles. They’re now banned from Wikipedia and they can’t make any more edits.



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