My experience in Nursing school

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Nursing school is very hard to get in. I got in because I finished all of my classes with a good GPA. If you have a high GPA, it’s easier to get into the program. It’s easier to get into a two years program rather than a four years program. The two year program is available at a community college. A four year program is available at a four year program. You can still take your state licensing exam at a two years program and become a register nurse. You can do the same with a four year program. However, with a BSN, you can go into management. You can do more with an advanced degree.

I finished my AA when I applied for the program. I didn’t get into the Long Beach program because I was still taking some classes but I got into the LA program. It was a BSN program. I was happy when I got accepted but I don’t think that nursing was ever my dream in life. My cousin was a nurse and she told me to study it because it’s a stable field. I was really young and I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was twenty one years old when she told me to study nursing. I went ahead and study all of my prerequisites and applied to a program. I got into the program at CSULA. I went there for a couple of years. The professors there were alright. They weren’t exceptional but they were alright. They didn’t give me a lot of problem either. I was lucky to have clinical with a really sweet lady. She didn’t have any children and her husband was a doctor. She was really helpful and she always gave me a lot of personal attention.

The program was not that hard and it was manageable. I did really well on most of my classes. It wasn’t impossible to pass your classes. I had one problem and that was the distance from my home to the college. I drove every single day and it was too much to handle. I got into a really bad car accident one time too. I was lucky that I survived that accident. It was brutal.

The classroom was fine and the clinical was not bad either. I did have a lot of problems with the classmates. They were very competitive and they weren’t nice either. I guess they were young and confused too. It’s tough being a student. You don’t have money and you’re working hard to finish college. A lot of people dropped out too. They didn’t like it anymore. We had labs in our college. They had a lot of mannequins and body parts for us to look at. It was alright but nothing impressive. We had to buy lab equipments and it was about $100 each semester. Nursing school was kind of boring for me. We sat in lectures and then we play around with the mannequins. I was hoping for more excitement. I did like it when we went to practice at the hospital. I saw a lot of patients and their medical conditions. I also saw a couple of celebrity who were patients. I think that people really need to research into the nursing field to see if it’s really for them. You don’t want to spend a lot of time and money and quit later on. It’s one of those careers that people quit often.


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