Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift Naked?

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If you look at the numbers it’s amazing how many people are searching for Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift naked in the search engines. It has to be a sort of flattering thing to know that many people find you sexy but at the same time it’s probably just downright creepy. Today we discuss some of the issues involving these searches.

So why do people wanna see Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift naked? They are very sexy young women in the public eye so it’s natural for men to be interested in this topic. I think the video of them singing together “Bests Day of Your Life” has had an impact on the male fantasy involving two women in a threesome. People have said as much in the message boards around the internet.

Will we ever see Kellie Pickler or Taylor Swift naked? I doubt it but that won’t stop people from searching all the same in the near future. I wonder if there is ever any pressure on these young stars to consider posing nude whether it be from the masses of fans or even their agents?

There are thousands of people searching for Kellie Pickler or Taylor Swift naked on the internet. I mean that thousands and it’s insane to say the least. But what would you expect when the porn industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and makes up a good portion of online traffic on a daily basis. I personally don’t know how I’d feel about that many people searching for me naked if I were a celebrity.


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