An all pink party!

This is going to be an all pretty in pink party and she is going to love and remember it forever. If you have an all pink imagination and you see pink everywhere in your head, then you are good to go. Begin by going to the store and picking up some pink invitations or if you are creative, you can make your own pink invitations; whether you are purchasing your pink invitations or if you make them please include your daughter. Besides it is her party so she should be a decision maker as well.  Make sure that you have a guest list and in each invitation, specify that all guests must wear pink in order to gain entrance to the party.  The guest should also bring gifts that are wrapped in all pink wrapping paper.  The decorations should be pink! You will need pink balloons, table clothes, wall paper to make the room pink, pink floor runners, etc. You will be able to find these decorations at any of your party stores. Also have pink party wares, such as plates, cups, napkins, and forks and spoons.  If you are able to make all pink finger foods that will be awesome as well, you can even have pink lemonade for the beverage. All games or activities should have something to do with the color pink.  For example, have a pink treasure hunt or scavenger hunt, guessing games of items that are pink (ex. pig), a pink runway for an all pink fashion show! The goody bags should also be pink and have nothing but pink items in it.  So get started on your pretty pink party!

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