How Important is Finding the Right Lawyer?

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What major decision would you spend more time on? Hiring a lawyer or buying a new car? You would think that it would be the former not the later – after all most of us will use a lawyer less often than we will change the car we drive. And usually if we’re asking a lawyer to represent us or give us advice, it’s something pretty serious that’s affecting us…perhaps a divorce, or a bankruptcy or maybe a real estate transaction. Isn’t drawing up a will or a trust pretty important? Could it be more important that the color of you next car?

Is getting the best price the most important criteria for either decision, it might be for the car? Could it be that finding the best fit is? That finding the right lawyer or perfect vehicle that best matches your needs and can get the job done in the most efficient way are both equally worthy of intensive research? Well, evidently not, according to a study commissioned by Martindale-Hubbell the average American spends “more time researching the purchases of their furniture and major appliances than their lawyer. The majority of Americans have hired a lawyer, but not many put much time into the process.”*

The article’s researchers came up with these salient factoids:

  • Nearly seven in ten (68%) Americans have hired a lawyer.*
  • Those who have hired a lawyer have spent an average of nineteen (19) hours researching their choice.*
  • The amount of time people spent researching before the purchase of their furniture and a major appliance still exceeded the average amount of time spent researching a lawyer (33 hrs and 23 hrs vs. 19 hrs, respectively).*
  • Americans spend the most time researching the purchase of a car (85 hrs).*

Wondering why Americans feel this way isn’t hard to understand. Generally we buy a new vehicle out of need, but because cars are such a big part of lives and they can provide a pleasurable experience, we’re willing to invest a lot of time into finding something that we know will reward us for a long time.


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