The Blind Symphony, pt.1

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20 mg down, a pound of blood, and a nose full of dust-

Is this how we will drown the sorrow from lust?

Under a pale blue light the lines illuminate,

And after every snort hell opens its gates.

The deepening blackness seen under our eyes

Reminds us that we came here just to get high.

We’re seizing the day when we live for the thrill

That you get from a whiff of that little white pill.

After five lines too many he’s cutting you off

Because you’re hoarding your pills, and you’ve had way too much.

Now you drive to your house, stumble through the door

With not a thought on your mind, except how to get more.

You look tired, smell bad, and bleed at the nose

You’ve lost all respect; you’re a train wreck who knows it

Your girlfriend calls us just to tell you you’re trash

So you sit in a corner, and wait for it to pass.

The pills in your pocket are all that remain,

So you snort them all down to get rid of the pain.

Now all of the sudden, the answer is clear

You’re a watchmaker who found he was missing a gear.

The route to escape is at the end of your pain

So you grab your dad’s gun, and you blow out your brains.

You drop to your knees with a hole in your head

For the weight of your sins, the sentence is death.


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