Making Money Freelance Writing

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Magazines and newspapers have always appreciated the freelance writer. However, since the dawn of the internet the need for freelance writers has grown immensly. This makes it possible for writers of all experience levels to enter the market easily. However, starting off on the wrong foot can lead to a short and miserable career. If you want to start off on the right foot you must take these few simple steps.

1. Submit a few quality articles to websites like Bukisa and Associated Content or start a personal blog. You will get some revenue for these but they predominately aid companies in determing the quality of your writing.

2. Draft a writer’s focussed resume and cover letter. These should focus on the jobs you have had that will improve your research, writing and editing skills as well as any writing courses you have taken and a list of websites you are published on to include blogs. When submitting applications online be sure to include all links.

3. Apply for a position at a place where the pay is consistant. Demand Studios, for example, pays $15 / 350-500 word article. Apply here if interested: Application

4. Write frequently to get a plethora of bylines on reputable sites like LIVESTRONG and Trails.

5. Update your resume and cover letter to reflect your new found fame. In all from start to this point it should take you no more than one month.

6. Search freelance writing job sites and classified ads for job listings.

7. Apply frequently and the jobs will begin to flow.


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