Learn How to Change Your Car Oil Yourself!

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Learn How to Change Your Car Oil Yourself!

Changing the car oil it’s not so difficult as you might think. Anybody can do it! There for if you wish to economize just buy the oil and do it yourself!

1. Buy a good oil filter for your car!

A good oil filter means that it’s efficient in removing the carbon from the engine oil. Remember that is always better to spend a little more on a good oil filter than to replace the engine later on.

2. Choose an oil filter wrench!

The filter wrench should help you get the filter off the engine.

3. Remember to buy an oil container pan!

If you wish to recycle the old oil from your car don’t forget to bring with you an oil container pan. Be a good citizen and don’t just throw it away!

4. Get under the car!

Now you are ready to start changing the car oil. Get under the car using a car jack. Try not to depend only on the car jack when you are under the car. It might be dangerous!

5. Remove the oil fill cap!

You can find the oil fill cap normally on the calve cover. Make sure you remove it.

6. Place the oil container pan under the oil filter!

All the old oil will come in the pan. This might take up to 10 minutes. Take a short break and wait until the oil is totally out.

7. Place the new filter in the filter pipe!

Screw the new filter in the filter pipe using just your hands.

8. Put the car back on the ground!

Your job under the car is done. Now you can put the car back on the ground.

9. Add the new oil!

Now is time to add the new oil. Use just five quarts of the new engine oil.

10. Start the engine!

Start the engine but don’t force it. Wait until the light from the oil gets off. This will take a few minutes. Make sure also that the filter is not leaking.


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