How to Budget Over the Holiday’s

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Holiday saving is not easy at all. In fact how many times have you found your self slap broke after the holiday’s have past? Then look no more for ways to avoid this problem that is upsetting our hungry pockets. There are three things that you must do. First off come up with a BUDGET PLAN, second open a HOLIDAY BANK ACCOUNT and third SHOP SMART. This no longer has to be you!

 Things You’ll Need




854bf7719b72e2e8_Thumb.jpgBudget Plan – Before doing anything we must always have a plan. It is not hard at all. Sit down and list all that you need expenses for starting with what is the most important to what is the least important. Ok, now that you have this together lets look at it again, “Come on you know that you can give up that pedicure women and men all of those cases of beer are not needed for the game”. Just kidding, now that I have your attention, look at it good and set your funds aside for your main account. This account is going to contain all of your bills and household expenses. If you want to be a very great organizer set aside your free time expenses into your savings account. This way you will dip into your household expenses. After doing this proceed to the next step.

untitled_Thumb.jpgHoliday Bank Account – Now, this account is for all of your holiday expenses. Gifts for all of your loved ones, the delicious dinner that is going to be cooked over the holidays and all of those toys that the children are waiting for. Make sure you come up with a dinner that you are not going to change because this is it. The chain and lock goes on the accounts afterwards and there is no changing. Anything that is a holiday expense categorize into one reasonable amount and this is going to go into your Holiday Bank Account. You are going to grow to love this account, because it is going to be your account for any holidays that are due to come after you master this first Holiday “TEST”. Now, when you seeking for a bank, and if you don’t want to use your bank, find a bank that will not charge you a monthly fee. Who wants to try to build income when it is constantly being taken away? No, not me either. So look into these banks, because some of them will get you. I suggest a Credit Union if at all possible. Now you are almost there, just hang in there.

SHOP_Thumb.jpgShop Smart – Gather all of those sales papers and search online if you have online access for the holiday sales and coupons. What more do we love than to know that while we are spending we are saving. You have saved up your all of the funds that you needed and deposited them into your holiday savings account and now it is time to spend. Now, pull that list out and all of your coupons and shop accordingly. If you find yourself eager to get something turn your head, because this time it’s not about you. Review all of your receipts and make sure you are staying within your budget. It is also very good to go out and “Window Shop” ahead of time. This is just browsing around and finding what you want to get while at the same time comparing prices so when you have your mind made you will have gotten your the better buy. Okay, how did you do? I would love to hear your comments. Pat your self on the back! You deserve it!

Tips & Warnings

* If you are seeking for Beauty, Health and/or Fashion Products visit .

* Stay Focused

* Don’t get discouraged if you go over a few dollars. Just cut back somewhere else.

* Have fun, it’s the Holidays!

* Don’t spend carelessly, or you will be sorry.

* Manage your Holiday Saving Account properly so that you don’t accrue any charges.* If you are seeking for Beauty, Health and/or Fashion Products visit .

* Stay Focused

* Don’t get discouraged if you go over a few dollars. Just cut back somewhere else.

* Have fun, it’s the Holidays!


* Seek account advise from a professional if needed.



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