Is He the Right One for You? Take my quiz and find out!

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Over fifty percent of all marriages fail.  We are marrying with our feelings and we are not taking the time necessary to really evaluate if he is the one to help make “happily ever after with a few bumps on the road” a reality?  When’s the last time you evaluated your man?  Take my quiz and see what you think!

Answer each of these questions with a yes or a no.  It’s that simple!

1.  Does he respect those around him?

2.  Does he put people down and laugh at them?

3.  Does he call in to work when he isn’t sick?

4.  Does he follow through on his promises?

5.  Does he expect you to pay for everything?

6.  Does he manage his money well?

7.  Does he have a savings account?

8.  Does he often borrow money?

9.  Does he keep his own house clean?

10. Does he ask your opinion on things?

11. Does he want children?

12. Can you see him as the father of your child?

13.  Does he help you voluntarily?

14. Does he claim all your free time?

15. Does he get angry when you spend time with your friends?

16. Does he have a job?

17. Has he ever hit you?

18. Is he patient with other people?

19. Does he keep close track of all your movements?

20. Does he call you at odd hours to ask what you are doing?

21. Does he drink?

22. Does he smoke?

23. Is he a Christian?

24. Does he like to party?

25. Is he romantic?

After you have answered each question, ask yourself how important those answers are to you.  Think about how important they will be five years down the road!  Here are a few things to think about:

1.  If he doesn’t respect others, there will come a day when he will not respect you.  Are you willing to deal with that?

2. Laughing at others and putting them down is not a good sign of how he will be with you or your future children.

3.  If he is willing to lie to his boss, whom else will he lie to and is that important to you?

4.  If he doesn’t keep his promises when he is trying to woo you, he certainly won’t get better after you marry him!

5.  Mooching says a lot about a man’s personality.  Do you like what it says?

6.  Money problems are one of the leading causes of divorce.  Think carefully about this answer.

7.  This is a small sign that he is responsible and plans for his future much as he will your future together.

8.  This is a sign that he cannot live within his own means.  Again, think carefully.

9.  Will you be signing on as the resident maid and do you like that idea?

10. This is an indication that he values or does not value what you think.  Can you be happy with someone who only considers his own opinion?

11. This should certainly match your opinion.  Think of what you want in your future.

12. If he isn’t good with any children, or angers easily, this can be a difficult consideration.  If you can’t see him as the father of your children, consider dropping him or not having children.

13. If you have to nag him to help you now, if he is inconsiderate of your needs now, do you really see that changing?  Does the thought of a lifetime of this behavior make you happy?

14. Are you happy having no down time, no time alone?  You decide.

15. Control issues may be at play here.  Love doesn’t smother but a desire to control does.

16. Consider the reason he may be unemployed and not just what he says to you.  Is this something that is extremely temporary or is it a harbinger of a difficult road ahead?

17. If he has done it once, it will happen again.  Think, this is when he is trying to impress you.  What will happen when he thinks he doesn’t need to impress you anymore?

18. Those without patience don’t generally gain it without great effort.

19. Again, this is a control issue.

20. Another control issue.  What seems like love and extreme care may mask a serious problem.

21. Are you okay with this?

22. Will this cause a problem for you?

23. It works better if the married couple agrees on religion.

24. Don’t marry a party boy and expect him to change.  If he does, it will be on his own time frame and you may be miserable.  If you meet your spouse in a bar, don’t expect greater things than you see!

25. Some men are, some are not.  Can you deal with it?

These are just some points to consider.  There are others that are on a one-to-one basis that you will need to consider on your own.  Give yourself quiet time to consider how your answers will affect you.  Now you can have a firm hand in determining your own future.

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