Is man really an andagered species?

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There is much talk today about man destroying the world, and when we take it at face value, it sure looks that way. Pollution, global warming, overpopulation, and a host of other ills haunt us day and night.

One thing we may accept, however, is that there are many more people on earth in our days than there were before. At least as far as we know. There my be things on earth that we simply do not see because we have never seen them for what they really are. But what has caused this so-called population explosion? The growth of the birth rate or the lowering of the death rate? I think it is the lowering of the death rate. Many childhood diseases no longer kill thousands of children. Many diabetics have been saved and go on to live productive lives and reproduce, whereas that was not possible at one time. Countless women have been saved by the C-section.

So we have more people. What we also have are nations with boundaries that did not exist in former times. There are countries in Africa today where people are forced to spend all their lives who in centuries past would simply have been passing through. So we have deserts that are growing larger. And we have people dying from hunger. Now that has always existed, the poor has always been present, and even countries that pay people for doing nothing such as France, have poor people.

One of the things that haunt is the fact that man has driven and is driving certain species to extinction. But species have been going extinct from the dawn of creation, even before man appeared on the planet. What caused this?

Man has now come to the conclusion that there have been meteors that hit earth and caused mass extinction. Did this cause everything to become extinct? It doesn’t seem that way, there were always remnants to continue even though they may have had to adapt.

Has there been an impact large enough to wipe out whatever advanced civilizations may have existed, such as the Egyptian and others of which we may not even be aware of their existence? However, even this did not wipe out mankind, since there is no record of him not being there since he appeared.

Another thing that may be accepted is that human nature changes very slowly, and while I do think that it has improved through the centuries, I see no indication of it going through a radical shift today.

No civilization that existed has remained to this day. They have all been born, flowered, and fallen into decay. I see no reason to believe that our very advanced one will be any different. What will cause the collapse? I have no idea. However, and this is only my opinion, I do believe that there will be people left to pick up the pieces and start over. 


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