How to go natural and maintain your hair and style

My hair was starting to become brittle and damaged. I had a great deal of split ends and it was not cute. I could not afford to go to the hair salon all the time. I opted to cut my hair off as close to the scalp as possible. I didn’t want to be bald, but it was close to it. My self-esteem suffered a great deal because I didn’t prepare myself with the tools I needed to make all go smoothly. Keep hair clean and scalp conditioned with oils. Scarves were my best friend throughout this time. I even tried a wig to hide my hair, but it was not my cup of tea. Wearing a wig throughout the summer time is not fun it’s hot and uncomfortable. When hair starts to grow you will be eager to style it. Just be careful with whatever you do especially if you decide to flat iron.You still may need to go to a professional to find a style that fits you, and make sure to tell them not to cut off any excess hair if your trying to grow your hair back. You can accessorize with headbands, pins, and/or extensions.Fingerwaves may be cute or a cropped cut or bob will probably be a style the stylist may come up with. Make sure that you put your touch on whatever you decide to do. Be creative and have fun.Don’t lose yourself in the process. I wish you the best in your venture to the natural side.

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