Go Location Independet: How Freelance Writing Can Fund Your Travels

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I am an ardent, long-term traveler and I find myself asking this question almost everyday. When I first drifted apart from the shores of my own country, this wasn’t much of a concern since I had been a student. But now, I am well into my mid-twenties when everyone is hit with the burning question as to what you need to do for a life-time, settle down, make a career, and have a family. Now that the question of earning money while traveling and funding your adventures did come up, I found a way to solve this problem. I am thinking it might help you too.

  1. I got real and discarded all quick-rich schemes: I did start out clicking and reading emails. I even tried filling up surveys and my first whopping $7 came from that. But I live in India and I wasn’t even eligible for almost all of the surveys doled out. I knew it then that it isn’t the way out for me. One thing is for sure, no get rich quick scheme ever works and so don’t waste your time with that. No clicking banners and no reading emails for cash either.
  2. I sold my services: I realized that I was good with writing. Although I have been thinking about traditional approaches to writing, my early opportunities came through craigslist. I did run into a few good clients but I also ended up being scammed. I burnt my fingers by working all month only to see that the client would be absconding along with the work produced. I had to find a system to help me tide through this problem and I found elance immediately. Although I became active on elance pretty recently, I knew that this would be my ticket to International, long-term travel.
  3. I developed a network: While working with numerous clients on elance and elsewhere, I had developed great working relationships with many clients. I still work with many of them and things just get better with time. Working on more and more projects, I started making roughly about $ 1500 to $2000 each month. I must admit that I am a bit lazy and my productive days are 8-10 hours at best. That is nothing compared to what some of my fellow writers and friends put in each day. If I could bring myself to work like they do, I should be looking at an easy 3-4 K a month – this is more than enough to take care of me anywhere in the world while traveling.
  4. I diversified: I still do a lot of writing in a day and I found some precious clients who make for regular work which takes care of most of my monthly revenue. However, I know that I must have ways to earn more money with effort rendered just once. I started working towards making products which could be sold and resold; I got into some Joint Ventures. I do professional blogging and I also write numerous pieces of content to earn some money residually.I run my own blogs, one of which is writingandtraveling.

There was plenty of effort; there was this huge decision to go off on my own and there was yet another huge decision to adopt this traveling as a life-style and not as a one-off vacation thing that almost everyone else does. Traveling has its rewards and for anyone who can write well – or at least has the inclination to learn new skills – it is one of the best ways to fund your travels.


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