Micheal Jackson back with a bang!

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Micheal Jackson is one of the biggest stars of all time and is known universally as the King Of POP. But since a few years he was falsely accused of child molestation and now his career was all but done for. He transformed the world in the 80’s and then his changing appearance was used selfishly by the media to make fun of him. But a month back he announced he was going to perform concerts in London and all his fans went mad and he sold out more than a million tickets for his 50 concerts at London’s O2 arena from July in hours! However the world may laugh and make fun of him, he will always be remembered for his iconic songs like Bille Jean, Black or White, Bad, Smooth Criminal, the list goes on and on. His moonwalk created a sensation on it’s own when it was first performed at the Motown 25 concert. His album Thriller has sold a whopping 105 million copies worldwide while no other album has even reached 50 million! Whatever the media makes us read about him he does not care and this was proved last month. More than 2 million people applied for the tickets for the ‘This is it’ concerts and he had to increase the program from 10 shows to 50. Akon and other hip-hop artists of today can all but dream about such a monstrous Fan Base. And all of that happening during a worldwide recession. Obviously his fans think the concerts are worth it!


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