How to defrizz the hair of your (collectable) my little pony or other collectble toy

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Warning: I will not take any responsibility for any damage you may cause to your item when following this tutorial.
It has been put together with the greatest possible effort and care to make sure it is as save as possible to treat your collectible with guidance of this tutorial. Please use a bait pony (a pony in a bad condition) first if you want to make sure this technique works for you.

What is a frizz?
Frizzy hair is the tangly, unsoft hair that ponies can get after years of loving play. Certain series of the vintage my little ponies are known to get frizzy hair more easily than others. If you want to get the hair back to being soft and silky, brushing alone is not enough. With this tutorial you will be able to remove most or sometimes even all of the frizz!

What do I need?

  1. A pony with frizzy hair (I suggest a baity one to start out with!)
  2. A hair straightning iron
  3. Hair conditioning (I use palmolive with almond extract, but any kind will do)
  4. A brush with some good, sturdy teeth
  5. A comb with wide teeth
  6. A kitchen towl or somehting similar
  7. Unlimited and straight access to a sink/tap/water during the proces

How do I get started?

Depending on how frizzy the pony’s hair is, you might want to get started with brushing the hair.
Plug in the hairstraightener at the same time so it can come to temperature during the next steps.
If the hair is terribly frizzy skip the above step and lay down the kitcken towl and put the pony down on it.
Put a good lot of conditioner in the hair and section it with your hands or the comb, into 5 or 6 large chunks.
Do this with both mane and tail if both require defrizzing. Try and comb out the frizz for a bit with the comb.
When you are done, brush the hair and rinse under the tab with warm water.

I’m through washing, tell me more!

Now for the real work! Put a good lot of conditioner in the wet hair. It should be soaked with conditioner before you attempt the next step. Section the hair with your fingers in very small strands of hair. Preferbly one plug of hair at a time (see the holes in the pony’s head for this). Take your heated straightener and gently squeeze the hair inbetween and pull the strand through the straightener. It makes a fizzling noise and heats the hair.
make sure never to do so on  dry hair as it may burn it! The motion of pulling the hair through the closed straightener irons should be swift, but carefull. Repeat this step with all the strands and rinse under the warm tap after you have done all the strands of hair.

You can towel dry the pony’s hair allthough I personally would suggest to air dry it.

Yay, I’m done!

I hope this has done the trick for you, enjoy your new pony with silky (or at least a lot softer!) hair.
Please check my other articles as well to see if there is anything else that might interest you.

“My little pony” © 2009 Hasbro. All rights reserved. All my little pony content (items, names, logo’s, etc.) is protected by trademark rights, copyrights and other rights owned by Hasbro or by Hasbro’s licensors, licensees, suppliers and accounts. This article is for informational purposes on defrizzing doll hair only.


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