How to Make a Marriage Last?

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Based on statistics 50% of all Marriages Fail. Most marriages that fail lack Spiritual Bond, Time and Communication. Love should be forever so why not meet half way in your marriage to make each other happy.

Things You’ll Need

  • Spiritual Bond
  • Time
  • Communication

58c966fcdb755830_Thumb.jpgSpiritual Bond – All marriages have there times. Your marriage needs to have a spiritual connection. There is only one person that you can turn to who can make a way out of no way when it all fails and that is Christ. Don’t let life’s obstacles pull and tear at your marriage, turn to someone who can offer you a life of happiness. Go to church together and pray together. The power of prayer is amazing.

209498941595fe76686f_Thumb.jpgTime – Managing the lifestyle that you have chosen to live can take away a significant amount of time out of your marriage. Not even being aware of it you could be working, hanging out with your friends or doing your favorite activities and not notice that your drawing yourselves away from one another. “Spice up things”, plan a nice night out and if you have children ask a friend or family member to watch the kid(s). Tonight is a night for just the two of you. Cook a nice dinner and set the table or make reservations at your favorite restaurant. Talk with one another about your favorite likes and tell him/her what you love most about them. Don’t worry if you don’t have a baby sitter, wait until the children are sound asleep. There is always time to share your love with one another.

COMM_Thumb.jpgCommunication – A very important factor in a marriage. How many times have you found yourself ticked off with your husband or wife and after having a argument you find that what you are arguing about could have been resolved had you said something hours before? Allot of times we fail to talk about the situation when problems occur. Instead we wait and let the anger build up and say things that we regret. “COMMUNICATE” with your husband/wife. Let him/her know what is bothering when you are upset or angry or just need to talk. You will find out that communicating with your loved one will allow you all so much more time to do things that you enjoy together and you may even find that you have more in common with one another.

Tips & Warnings

* Attend Church with on another.

* Spend Quality Time with each other.

* Talk with your Spouse.

* Seek counseling if none of these steps work for you. Don’t give up on one another, because deep down you are in love with your spouse, you are just having a hard time understanding each other.



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