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Where, husband de Stepford. RRD gives the impression that the training of a father is so easy, gratifying even (no financially, physically, necessarily with emotion), that he has air to have procreated same effect as promotion at job. The sports car will be exchanged for one 4×4. With a player of DVD. His disability of golf will fall. His complexion will become more radiant even. He can feed a baby and drink the simple malt at the same time. Suddenly, the man who had everything has new knack now to acquire, such as a top of the Ogre of range. He always smiles. If you are not him, you will detest him.
Model: Tom Cruise

You once had a friend. He was your drinking partner – a reliable type with which you could appreciate one pint of post job and share a joke with. To paraphrase Rose Royce crudely, this man did not live here any more. When you call, it seems bad-tempered, broken and insane. If you really succeed in arriving, MD is there if a lot of chance, which he will shout in its crisp, as he goes insolence the heavies to the bar. In short, you will still love this person, but you can wonder if he is worth job. If he succeeds in being you, do not worry you: a 95 % recovery has tendency to sink of a kick in nine months and in an average of five hours – one – nocturnal sleep.
Model: Jude Law

It can arrive at somebody. The players of rugby, the exlotharios, even the chief executive officers. One minute you are a future of the virile father, the following you make purchases for Crocs and live in fear of hormones of your other half. The EDITOR does not appreciate sexual shiver, which comes with the meeting of other mothers of pushing of landau; instead of it he gets on well with their painful nipples. Other symptoms: the Match of Day, Hoobs are in; the taste of the clothes will fail, the milk becomes organic, he can even turn vegetarian. The worst of all, he will not point out his event. If you are in a class of baby’s yoga, manage an express of one, give a slap hard.
Model: David Cameron

For most the fathers, the period of gestation of nine months represents a time of reflexion. For others, it is a centres use of 270 days – it is SHBAD. To accept somebody surrounding wall was above all an error, but an execution him if avér to be an all-powerful wool-gathering. It is easy to see: he demands that fatherhood is “Doddle” of the security of a stool of bar; he is heard even not of meconium, nor colostrum; he can have sold his baby’s drawings with good! SHBAD could win with the fact that Keith Richard and Steve Tyler were irresponsible fathers, but, eh, their daughters turned out to be in good health.
Model: Pete Doherty

The Bad Daddy protects the mother for his irrationality. (“What did you expect that it makes? Knack?”)
The Good Daddy realises that it is hormonal, but said never so.

The Bad Daddy constructs a bunker for his small prince / princess, complete with the thread of barbed iron and gun emplacements to protect it from the world.
The Good Daddy learns to take care of his feelings and to behave. (And avoid scaremongering in Daily Mail.)

The Bad Daddy moves in the spare part since, “some people of us have to work all day long.”
The Good Daddy offers to alternate the attention to nocturnal food and/or shouting sessions.

The Bad Daddy leaves the woman in the hospital room of recovery while wetting the head of the baby and spends her of its university fund on Montecristos of 12 thumbs.
The Good Daddy keeps this fortifying light of paternal pride to him and speaks to his mates of football. Call him emotional a multi-tasking.

The Bad Daddy is secretly relieved that he should not take the trouble with all this Romance knack more.
The Good Daddy buys the strange bunch of flowers, or even a dress in which it will not be capable perhaps of entering for, ooh, at least one year.

The Bad Daddy sulks, moans and never calms down of his “conjugal rights”. It also took in it made to erase its history of course.
The Good Daddy takes business in the own hand during some time and makes it then Credit the impression of being a Woman once again.

The Bad Daddy tries to indoctrinate his child with the leader Radio In Arcs-en-ciel while still in the uterus.
The Good Daddy swallows his pride and buys a CD of counting rhymes by “a man and” sound – Casio which his child would like. (Besides, finally, him also.)


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