Winning your NBA basketball fantasy league

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Now that the NBA season have finished its first month we get a clearer vision of which players deserve a spot on any fantasy league team. Here is a breakdown on which players to check out on your league’s waiver wires or free agency section.

For leagues with up to 5 teams:

Devin Harris – When the season begun in a shallow league nobody would have taken a chance on Devin Harris but after a month of play he has emerged as one of the best point guards in the league today. Last week he scored a career high 47 points to lead New Jersey its first win in the valley of the Suns.

Nene — The starting Center for the Denver Nuggets have slowly cracked up a respectable season leading the league in FG% while getting a high number of rebounds. Good categories to measure success in a fantasy league play.

John Salmons — Starting in the absence of Kevin Martin, Salmons made great strides in becoming a scoring leader for the Sacramento Kings in averaging over 19 points per game.

Deep Leagues:

Anthony Morrow – Was it a one hit wonder or not? The unheralded rookie scored 37 points as a replacement when the Warriors traded some players early in the season. He followed that up with a 25 point showing on a solid 6-8 three point shooting.

Ramon Sessions – He should be starting for the Milwaukee Bucks soon. The guy is having a great year averaging over 15 points and 5 assists per contest.

DJ Agustin – With Larry Brown emphasizing small ball nowadays you will see DJ getting more burns as a starter along with Ray Felton.

Thaddeus Young – Early on the season he has led the Philadelphia 76ers with Elton Brand in the lineup in scoring and has shown great flashes.

Roger Mason Jr. – With the injury to Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, Roger Mason Jr. have shown great progress and was a crucial part in keeping the Spurs afloat.


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