Women’s guide to dealing with recession

Enjoying Recession – the Indian way!

The best part about writing this piece is that suddenly I feel so free. I have just come out of days of crying and despair about losing my job and another part-time job that I was banking on also went away today! God! Suddenly I feel so free. YOU must be thinking I’m crazy; but believe you me I just can’t tell you how free I am feeling right now.

In my Zen moment I also realized that I CAN INFACT ENJOY my JOBLESSNESS especially being an Indian WOMEN.

For once the conservative Indian mindset can be put to good use and we women can sit at home and enjoy all the wonderful things without feeling an iota of guilt because as women “we are supposed to sit at home!” Great! So our husbands cannot complain about the “loss of our pay” because they are “supposed to earn” and we are “supposed to look after the house!”

 Yipee works fine for us, especially during recession.

Women’s guide to dealing with recession

  1. Stop all talk about women’s empowerment and enjoy the blessing of staying at home with your kids and hubby (if there are no kids get yourself a pet, lady!)
  1. Get a home pedicure, manicure, facial whatever…whichever part of your body you have neglected for long…pamper it ! It includes all parts dear! Now! Now you are free to get whatever ideas you are getting.
  1. Join a laughter club…it really works. Initially you feel crazy and then you get hooked on to it PLUS it is FREE. Remember its recession.
  1. Switch off the TV and play foolish games with your kids and friends. My what a stress buster!
  1. Go for silent walks after that …….you need to get your balance back before someone thinks that recession has made you lose your marbles!
  1. Make friends with other flat mates, neighbors etc whom you never even knew existed…you have all the time in the world!
  1. Catch up on old friends, read up the books you always wanted to. Finish that embroidery you started years back and still is tucked away in your close; unfinished or try different home made cooking recipes.
  1. Start a kitchen garden. It will keep you busy and save you monies too. Start with simple herbs and greens like coriander, spinach etc.
  1. Help you kids do their homework, use this opportunity to strengthen your bond with your kids.
  1. Remember how lucky you are that your husband’s job is still intact and you can put the bread, butter and cheese on the dining table. So pray and be grateful for life’s small mercies.

This is what I have decided to do with my recessionary shock of losing my job and believe you me I am already feeling better, brighter and more grateful for life giving me the luxury to stop and savor my life!

It is a luxury most of us miss out in our fast-paced work-home mechanical daily routine!

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