Natural Remedies for Curing Mumps

The term Mumps is used to denote an infectious disease found most commonly in children and young persons between the age of six and fourteen years. It refers to a virus infection of the gonads, the salivary glands and occasionally other parts of the body. Majority of the people suffer from mumps once in their lifetime, as it easily spreads up between children in school.

The preliminary symptom of mumps is pain and swelling. Firstly the pain is felt under one ear with stiffness of the jaw and neck. It is accompanied by a mild fever which subsides in two to three days. The swelling first appears under one jaw and than extends under the other jaw. After puberty, the gonads may become swollen in males and the ovary may get infected in females due to mumps. If not treated properly mumps may lead to the inflammation of the brain with delirium and meningitis, a severe headache and other signs of meninges irritation which may further spread to the pancreas which include symptoms such as loss of appetite, pain in the abdomen and vomiting.

The main cause of mumps is a virus, which attacks the salivary glands of the mouth specially the parotid glands located in front and below the ear on each side of the face. The disease appears in a period of about twelve days after the person is exposed to the infection. The root cause of this disease is mainly attributed to dietic errors.

Nature Cure for Mumps: The treatment for mumps should first commence by putting the patient on a diet of orange juice and lukewarm water mixed together in equal proportions. Juices of other fruits such as apples, grapes and pineapple can be used as a substitute if orange juice does not suit. A warm water enema should be administered daily during this period for cleansing the bowels. The patient should take complete bed rest until the temperature gets back to normal. It is also necessary to apply hot and cold fomentations every two hours during the day for about nine minutes and should consist of three hot applications followed by one cold one. The mouth should be properly cleansed with an antiseptic wash.

The patient may thereafter switch to an all fruit diet once the swelling subsides and there is overall improvement in the condition. After this the patient may gradually embark upon a well balanced diet with more emphasis on fresh fruits and raw vegetables.

Certain home remedies have also been found to be beneficial in the treatment of mumps. One such remedy is the use of the herb Indian Aloe. The procedure is to peel off a piece of a leaf of this herb and sprinkle it with a little turmeric and Indian barberry. This leaf should than be bandaged over the swelling after warming.

Another effective home remedy for mumps is the herb Myroblan. A thick paste is prepared by rubbing this herb in water and than it is applied over the swelling. This offers great relief.

Dry Ginger has also been found to be useful in the treatment of mumps. A paste of dry ginger should be prepared and applied over the swollen parts. It is helpful in reducing the swelling and relieving pain.

Asparagus seeds are also an effective remedy for mumps. They should be mixed with Fenugreek seeds and ground together to form a paste. This paste can be applied over the swelling with beneficial results.

Another useful remedy for the treatment of mumps is the leaves of Margosa plant. The leaves of margosa and turmeric powder should be combined and made into a paste and applied externally over the affected parts. This will offer great relief from mumps.

Thus it can be said that mumps can be effectively treated and cured by the use of various natural treatments and home remedies which bring about an improvement in the overall health and condition of the patient.

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