Natural Remedies for Curing Leucoderma

The term Leucoderma also known as vitiligo is used to denote a disorder of the skin. In this disease white patches are formed on the skin due to the gradual loss of pigment melanin from the skin layers.

Persons suffering from leucoderma find themselves in an embarrassing situation due to the presence of these patches and many a times they also suffer from psychological tension.

Leucoderma can occur at any age and is more common in women than men. The most common areas affected by this disease are the neck, the hands, the back and the waist.

The preliminary symptom of leucoderma is the appearance of a small white spot which later on develops into patches. In the beginning these patches are pale, but as time passes on they become more whiter due to the loss of melanin. Gradually these spots merge with each other to form a very broad patch. A vast portion of the skin gets covered with white patches in majority of the cases.

The main causes of leucoderma are a presence of acute or chronic gastric disorder, excessive mental tension, impaired liver function such as jaundice, parasites or worms in the alimentary canal, ailments that affect the gastrointestinal tract such as typhoid, burn injuries and defective perspirative mechanism. The hormone secreting glands are involved in this disorder in most of the cases. Heredity is also considered to be an important contributory factor in the development of this disease.

Nature Cure for Leucoderma: The treatment for leucoderma should first commence by putting the patient on a juice fast for about seven days. During this period he should take juices of fruits or vegetables, mixed with water in an equal proportion at an interval of three hours throughout the day. A warm water enema should be administered daily during this period for cleansing the bowels.

The patient may thereafter switch to a restricted diet after the juice fast. In this regimen the patient should take raw or steamed vegetable, chapattis or whole meal bread and fresh fruits. Milk and curd may be added to this diet after a few days.

The patient may gradually embark upon a well balanced diet of vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and fruits. Raw foods should form a major proportion of the diet. Sprouted seeds and beans such as alfalfa and soya beans should also be consumed by the patient. This diet may be supplemented with honey, yeast and cold pressed vegetable oil. In order to obtain effective results, it is necessary to repeat this juice fasting at an interval of two months.

Foods such as tea, coffee, white sugar, white flour products, highly flavored dishes, tinned foods, pearled barley, condiments and pickles should be totally avoided by the patient suffering from leucoderma.

Certain home remedies have also been found to be beneficial in the treatment of leucoderma. One such remedy is the use of radish. About 30gms of the seeds of radish should be powdered in vinegar and applied to the white patches. For effective results, seeds should be finely pounded, mixed with a little arsenic and soaked in vinegar at night. When leaves appear after two and a half hours it should be rubbed on leucoderma patches.

Another effective remedy for leucoderma is the use of turmeric and mustard oil. About 400gms of turmeric should be pounded and soaked in seven kgs of water at night. It should than be heated in the morning till only one kg of water is left. After straining, it should than be mixed with 400gms of mustard oil. This mixture should be heated till only oil is left. It should be applied on the white patches two times a day for a few months.

Red clay found by the hill slopes or the river side has also been found to be a useful home remedy for leucoderma. After mixing it with ginger juice this clay should be applied over the white patches once a day. Due to the copper content in the clay it helps in bringing back the skin pigmentation and ginger juice serves as a milk stimulant, facilitating increased flow of blood on the spots. Drinking water kept overnight in a copper vessel is also useful.

Thus Leucoderma can be effectively treated and cured by the use of various natural treatments which cleanse the system of accumulated toxic wastes and restore the health back to normal.

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