Pets – how they make us happy

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Pets make people happy in so many ways, but I believe the most obvious way is just in being there, providing love and companionship that nurtures not just the animals, but their human beings, too. I love to cuddle with my babies, and that’s what I call my dogs. From the time as as little girl when my parents got my sister and I our first beagle, that simple act of a doggie hug was priceless to me. At night, my dogs slept with me, sometimes with my arm around them and sometimes with them nestling their heads into my chest, thighs, or legs, depending on where they chose to make their bed for the night. It’s a loving and cherished scenario, those moments of hugs and snuggles.

Just watching their pets can make people happy. I know it does for me. From my window where I work on the computer, I have great views of my girls outside as they play. I can’t write about all the times they’ve made me laugh and smile, just by watching. We have a lot of squirrels in the area, and my girls love to chase them. The funny part is that squirrels taunt them, just like in that one insurance commercial on television. I’ve seen the squirrels,staring down at my barking dogs, just having a field day. It’s too funny.

Then there’s just watching the dogs play with each other. Sometimes they chase each other around and sometimes they take these walks together around the yard, side by side. I feel happy watching them during these times, just as I do when I look outside and see them lying against each other as they sleep in their doghouse or on the bench.

Inside, when the girls are playing with their toys, they make me smile. They are a happy reminder that life has goodness in it. I see them playing tug-a-war with a rope toy and chuckle. As I’m typing away, I feel a tender paw on my leg and look down to see a hopeful face staring up at me, a tug toy in my dog’s mouth. I have to stop what I’m doing and play. How happy that makes me to share this time with my girls. I hear a noise and look over, seeing my oldest dog right in front of the television, responding to a dog on the television. It’s so cute, and I smile, a wave of happiness flowing through me as a result.

Another way pets make their humans happy is with the loving licks, cheerful expressions, and wagging tails whenever we come into the room, especially if we’ve been gone awhile. People need to be needed, and our pets need us. My heart beats with joy when I see how happy my doggies are to see me. Those eager ‘welcome home’ hugs and kisses are premium expressions of love, and that makes me one very happy person.

Sometimes, when the world is dark and times are tough, the only happiness is from the closeness of our pets. We tell them our innermost secrets and admit our fears. We confide our mistakes and share our desires. Our pets are our confidents and sometimes our salvations. Just being there brings about a joy, and that might just be the only source of happiness in a person’s life.

Pets are happiness, and by sharing our lives with them, we derive happiness ourselves.


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