Ghost Hunters – a review

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I just started watching Ghost Hunters on a regular basis two seasons ago. Sometimes, the show truly fascinates me. How can anyone forget that strange feeling when a voice tells ghost hunter Grant, ‘You don’t belong here’. Now that was spooky! It was clear as day, and that is the type of moment that I watch the show for.

The appeal of Ghost Hunters is its two common place plumbers – Grant and Jason, who both still work for Roto Rooter while going all across the country on debunking missions for the company they founded called T.A.P.S. These average guys have started a phenomenon that has grown big time. That said, sometimes I just get tired of the sameness.

Things I can’t stand:

-During the investigations, they all talk too much. They need to listen more, and why is it that when they are there looking for ghosts and they ask a question, that when something happens right after that, they ask, ‘what was that’? There’s just a weird disconnect between their reason for being there and how they are in the investigations.

-There’s too much review from the end of prior segment to the start of the next segment. Let’s see more of the investigations and less recapping that takes up a third of the show.

-During the review, they find things but don’t show us what they are. What’s the purpose of this segment? To give more screen time to Steve and Tango who do the reviews? There’s no reason for this bit, and they’re so dang polite and formal with each other.

-At the end of each ‘reveal’, Jason always says, ‘Let’s get out of here’. Number one, that’s rude, and number two, it seems odd that anyone would say that exact phrase every single job.

-At the end of each show, Grant and Jason leave in their vehicle. Jason *always* drives. Grant doesn’t have a license?

-Again at the end of every episode, they say the exact same thing. They go through a brief summary, talking about how so and so took it well and how they did such a great job (they always do a great job), and then Jason says ‘And on to the next’, after which the two men do a fist-jab. Every single week, it’s the same thing.

Things I like:

-You don’t belong here. Those moments make this show. Unfortunately, they’re rare, but when they happen, they sure are great.

I realize my list is weighted heavily towards what I don’t like, but that is the truth of this show. More and more I’m frustrated by the wasted time, and there’s a lot of it, and I’m annoyed by the repetitive dialog. I just don’t buy it. I want some spontaneity that shows this show isn’t a rip off. I still like Ghost Hunters, but I’m glued to it. It’s interesting, but not always compelling.


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