We all know that domestic abuse is rampant all over the world, be it the developing or the developed countries. The abuse manifests in different forms. The intensity of the abuse may be low or high. It translates into violence against the victim amd if the abuser is not stopped or subjected to counselling, the degree of violence may just escalate to dangerous proportions.

The abuser may be one within the family of the victim who may be physically, mentally, emotionally, verbally or sexually abused. The growing reason for divorces among young couples today is the domestic abuse that leaves deep psychological scars not only on the victim but those closely associated as well.

For example, if a husband has a tendency of emotionally abusing his wife (eroding her self esteem by putting down in front of her relations and kids) or physically shoving her, the sensitive kids may take up this repeated behavior unconsciously. They may later on treat their partners like dirt in a similar fashion. The children may be abused by seniors in schools or peer group or even someone in family they trust.

The after effects of domestic abuse may be loss of trust, suicidal feelings, loss of self esteem, failing health, apnoia, sleeplessness, withdrawl into shell, increased hurt emotions, failue to adjust, crying without a reason or drug dependency in various cases. When the abuser is in the honeymoon phase of the relationship, he expresses regret and remorse but as soon as this phase passes, he may again raise his voice, yell or show threatening behavior.

However, if the intensity of abuse is such that it can be brought under control by proper counselling, the best trick is to adapt survival strategies. If you are a victim, bolster your self esteem and formulate a five year financial plan ahead, do not retaliate in an explosive situation, keep the numbers of the nearby police station and social welfare centers handy, bank on friends who can support you, take good care of your health, keep yourself hydrated, pray to that divine force to give you courage to keep your family together.

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