Pirates In The 21st Century?

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Oh the news! Every morning when I awake its turn on the coffee pot, feed Kittuni, take my shower,get dressed, and then finally I turn on the morning news and watch my invisible plants grow. Whew…life of a woman, but lets save that for another time.

Well a couple of days ago I almost choked on my delicious dark elixir (my coffee) when the reporter on channel 13 announced that modern day pirates from Africa had taken over a ship.

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but when I think of Pirates, I think of Black Beard, Captain Hook, and Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. All the makeup, striped shirts , a patch over the eye, and of course the almighty hook! Steeling woman and anything of any value at all.

With seeing the news the past few days all they are talking about is the Pirates from Africa taking over huge modern day tanker ships. I am a bit confused by all of this. Arrrr… matie is there any gold on that ship or woman we can rape or capture? Crazy stuff our world is going through. How on earth did they breech the ship in the first place is my question. How can someone just walk onto a monster ship and take over the massive thing? These tanker are not small in any respect.  They must employee hundreds if not thousands.

There must be many many pirates to succeed in this venture is all I can say or they have giant weapons. Where did they come from? The Pirates that is, did they just wake up one day and after watching a movie from years past decide there new found job was to be a Pirate? Where did they find all the other pirates to join in their adventure? Maybe I am a bit slow, but none of this makes much sense to me.

And now we come to the folks trying to capture those darn pirates, It seems many countries was in on this chase, but only one made the cut. The Indian Navy!  Wow, what an incredible feat they have accomplished. No one else seemed to be able to control these sea Jekyll’s, but they sunk their damn ship! How proud all Indians are for this feat and as they should be.

Who knows maybe we should take some tips from them to help us conquor Iraq and Afganistan. It only took them a couple days to rid the Indian Ocean from these vilians, maybe with a month we could have world peace.


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