12 tips for muscle building

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12 tips for muscle building

1. Great weight, 2. Low frequency: bodybuilding use RM to represent the highest repetition with a load that can be done. For example,  a practitioner can only hold a weight for 5 consecutive times, the weight is 5RM. :1-5RM. Study shows that training can load the muscle enlargement, strength and speed development. 6-10RM training can load large muscle, strength speed, but endurance was not obvious growth; 10-15RM load enlarged muscle fiber training obvious, but the strength, speed and endurance have improved; 30RM load training increased muscle capillary, improve endurance, but strength, speed was not obvious. ,5-10RM can increase the volume of muscle bodybuilding training.

3. No of groups: Whenever want to train then do to 3 groups, this is a waste of time, muscles cannot be long. It must be devoted to taking the 60 to 90 minutes exercise focus a part. Each movement have done 8 to 10 group, in order to fully stimulate the muscles, the muscles at the same time the needs of the longer recovery time. Muscle saturation has been achieved so far, “saturation” to self-experience, the appropriate standard is: acid, bulging, numb, a solid, full, expansion, and shape the muscles strong and so apparent.

4. Long displacement: whether rowing, bench press, press, curl, dumbbell should first try to put too low to fully stretch the muscles and cite high as possible. This and “persistent tension” sometimes contradictory solution is to quickly “lock”. However, I do not deny that big half the weight of the role of movement.

5. Slow Speed: up slowly, slowly down in the deeper muscle stimulation. In particular, when the dumbbell down, it is necessary to control the speed of practice to do to give way, to fully stimulate the muscles. Many people ignore the give way of practice, even if the dumbbell up to the completion of the task, quickly put down, wasted a golden opportunity to increase muscle.

6. High-density: “density” refers to the period of rest between the two groups, only 1 minute or less rest time as the high-density. Muscle to block the rapid increase, it is necessary to break less frequently to stimulate the muscles. “Multi-group” is also built on the “high density” based on. Exercise, we should like to fight, the concentrate into the training, did not think about anything else.

7. Peak contraction: It requires an action to do when the most intense muscle contraction position to maintain the look of such a state of contraction of the most tense, do static exercises, and then slowly moves back to the beginning of the location. I feel that the method is the most tense muscles, the number of 1 ~ 6, and down.

8. Continued tension: a group should be maintained throughout the sustained muscular tension, both in action at the beginning or the end, do not allow it to relax (not in a “locked” state), is always to achieve complete exhaustion.

9. Group relaxation: Each must complete a set of stretching movements to relax. This can increase muscle blood flow, but also help to rule out the deposition in the muscle’s waste and speed up muscle recovery, rapid nutritional supplements.

10. More training large muscle groups: practicing chest, back, waist and hip, a big leg muscles, not only physically strong, but also can promote the growth of other parts of the muscle. Some people practice in order to arm thick arms training not only in other parts of practice, but the growth of the biceps would be very slow. Arrangements suggest that you use the weight of some large-scale compound action exercises, such as the weight of the squat exercise, they can promote all the other parts of the muscle growth. This is extremely important, it is sad to have at least 90% of people do not have enough attention, which can not achieve the desired effect. Therefore, in the training plan arrangements have to dead lift, squat, bench press, press, pull-up this classic compound action 5.

11. Eating protein after training: the training of 30 ~ 90 minutes, the protein of peak demand, when the best protein supplement. Immediately after training but do not eat at least every 20 minutes.

12. To rest for 48 hours: local muscle training in need of rest after the first 48 ~ 72 hours to conduct a second training. If high-intensity strength training, the two local muscle interval training in 72 hours is not enough, especially the large muscle block. Abdominal exception, however, is different from the other abdominal muscles, stimulate the need to keep them a week to practice at least 4 times, each time for about 15 minutes; 3 pairs you choose the most effective practice, only 3 groups, each group of 20 -25 times, all done exhaustive; each short time interval, not more than 1 minutes.


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