The Golf Handicap Knockout – Cut 7-12 Strokes

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Golf handicap is something I’ve continued to have difficulty with.  There must be many other folks out there with problems with their swing, maybe a hitch or something similar.

There are simple golf tips all around, but none seem realistic or are just flat out ineffective to helping my golf game..  I’ve gone through so many trainers out there, and all they do is offer the same recycled material again and again..


I’m so used to going up to the tee box, and they all say “RELAX!” and “KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN!”  It is branded in my mind when I strike the ball, I get plenty of solid dead-on shots.  And there are other times when my golf handicap suffers from poorly hit balls that go in the complete other direction.  I wonder how there are so many people who seem to swing with ease, and lower their golf handicap for good.

Lastly, you run into the mental game, where you are faced with different lies and conditions, and struggle because you’ve got no plan that continually works.  It’s not easy and after a while gets INCREDIBLY frustrating.

Recently, I learned a lot and tried to really get answers for my golf game.  You’d be stunned at what you can find online, there’s a lot out there.  

I simplified my swing, taking what works and putting it into action.  It’s all about setting up and positioning yourself the right way.  If you set up incorrectly, it’s like trying to shoot ducks while running, you’re never going to truly improve your game.

I set out to get an inside-out swing on every shot, and after simplifying my swing, clean ball striking and fairway shots are pretty much my default.  It’s really a new game now, and my golf handicap is down 10 strokes and still improving.  

This is not difficult.  So many people just hunt down tons of information but never focus on the right golf swing.  If you want to know what worked for me, you can read my review of “Cutting Down Your Golf Handicap



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