How to win your NBA basketball fantasy league

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With the NBA season in full swing so as with NBA fantasy leagues across the web! Basketball fanatics gather to compete online on various categories and settings for a chance to win in some instaces cash prizes and the honor to be named fantasy league champions at the end of the season. To aid you in this quest, here are some wheeling and dealing opportunities that you need to implement to win your fantasy league.

Dive into the free agencies list and look for players who started the season in the injuries list and is now active. Specifically look for players such as Manu Ginobili, Monta Ellis and by mid-December Gilbert Arenas.

Look for recently injured players with a short timetable for return. Example of these players are Jameer Nelson, Mickael Pietrus and Kelenna Azuibuke.

Early season struggling players which has performed well of late. You might want to look for players like Al Harrington, Tim Thomas and Roger Mason Jr.

Sleepers who are now playing well. Browse the free agency list of your league and try to see if players like Anthony Morrow, JJ Redick are available. These players will shore up your shooting specially in a deep league.

View your roster and see if there are any players not playing up to par or struggling mightily and drop those players.

Never drop a player belonging to the top 100 list even if they are currently struggling unless his injured and is gone for the season. More than likely he willl come around and produce for you later in the season.


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