Make your Gaming a Profession

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Where to begin?

First, if figure out if you are going to play in a team, or individual. This is critical as it will greatly affect your results in the future. Once you’ve figured that out, you should sign you or your team onto a site called Gamebattles. Now look for the gaming machine you have whether it be on the Xbox, Playstation, or Computer. Also, make sure you have some kind of online system of playing. That could be like Xbox Live or

For Computer Games

If you’re trying to go pro in a Computer game like Warcraft, the WCG is a great way to get started. Also try and compete on tournament websites like


Now, heres the test. Before you can really go Pro you have to make a respectful status on Gamebattles. This will help you grab sponsors, better teammates, and increase your chance of making it to the MLG circuit. If you start loosing your games on Gamebattles don’t worry. A lot of people who are Pros didn’t play well against other Pros when they first started out. Think of it as your own training system. As I always say “If you can’t beat the best, join them”. By joining I mean copy their skills.

Going to the Tournaments

Going to tournaments have a huge impact because you can make triple digit money. Make sure it’s okay with your family to travel around the country to compete in the MLG or WCG circuits. This is crucial to your success and ways to make money.


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