Long Distance relationships might work

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I have been in a long distance relationship for the last 5years.  Have also been using the internet for more than 10years now, and have seen people going into and goint out of the relationship online.

Though more people tend to wade off long distance relationships because of the stigma it has brought itself upon which is – it doesn’t work.  I definitely could say it could provided the following:

  1. It could work if it didn’t start online.  Most people profess their love or emotion through communication mediums apart from face-to-face meeting.  This is deadly because you don’t really know for sure if the person is sincere or if the two of you are truly compatible.  I have a friend who was in this scenario only to tell me that she didn’t feel ‘comfortable’ having to hold his hand or kiss him when they finally met because it was certainly awkward to do so with someone you just met.  I have always been telling people, friendship could start online, but the courtship and the relationship must always start after meeting.  This way, there are no expectations whatsoever when you first meet and unnecessary stress could be avoided.
  2. Constant communication and meeting.  Yes, there are many mediums of communication, but nothing beats the importance of touch in a relationship.  It’s different when you can hold his/her hands, kiss, and just be together.  So, frequency of meeting and a plan to be together is very much important, else, the relationship would die a natural death.
  3. Patience and tolerance.  You got to be patient enough to understand the circumstances you are in, and tolerant enough to accept that not everybody is good with long distance relationships (I don’t think humans are capable of being ‘good’ with long distance relationships).
  4. Don’t expect anything.  Long distance relationships may or may not last like any other relationships.  Pre-empting things like ‘this isn’t going to work’ or too much optimism would not help the relationship at all.  Take it as it is, and live day-to-day.

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