Tips For Balancing A Busy Life

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1) Health and family. These have got to be the two most important things in anyone’s life. A happy family relationship makes your life sparkle. Don’t take these for granted. Good health gives you the natural energy to get all you need done. Make sure you are drinking at least 8- 8oz. glasses of water every day. Exercise three to four times a week. Have the least processed food in your refrigerator. Eat fruit. Take time for yourself at least one day a week.

2) Goals. Your passions are where your goals should be. Set your goals with a insight into what you need, not anyone else. Spend some down time meditating on just what that is. Achievements are important but not so much that you end up in therapy. Take an honest look at what you want to achieve as apposed to what you can do.

3) Organize and prioritize. Scheduling your time is done through thoughtful organizing and prioritizing of those things that are of most importance. Work your way to those things that can wait. If you don’t love what you are doing- don’t do it! You need to be organized to live a busy life. Utilize your organizer. Get an assistant. Have a TO DO list with you at all times.

4) Attitude. Positive outlook will take you far. If you think you can do it- you can Practice this. The insurmountable becomes easy when you have the attitude and the will power to succeed. But these things come from working on the items mentioned above. Mentally walk yourself through a difficult situation. Foresee what the pitfalls or arguments might be.

5) Relax. Now you have it all under control. You know what things are really important and what things that will be accomplished tomorrow. And don’t sweat the small stuff. Take time for you and then get what needs to be done accomplished. This is how to balance a busy life and keep happy and sane while doing it.


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